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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

With all the Holiday traffic about I would like to take a second to speak to all the incredibly dumb-ass drivers out there whom of course, will never see this.

- You merge onto the freeway.... with the f***ing gas, not the brake.

- If you turn your blinker on, as you cut me off... it doesn't f***ing count!

- Engineers who went to college designed all those off-ramps from the highway. You DON'T need to slow down to 45mph a quarter mile before the exit... those really f***ing smart engineers created those exits with plenty of room for huge trucks to slow down in time, trust me, you'll be ok if you start slowing down AFTER you exit the highway.

- That's a beautiful new $75,000 Mercedes you have there... Did it come with f***ing blinkers?

- Maybe... you should just pull over and stop when you're speaking on your cellphone (to someone who I'm sure is very important to be speaking to at 7:30am in your car on the way to work) because you're a f***ing menace!

- Do you understand what tailgating is? Really?? Because, I don't think you do.... ok... what it means is that if I slow down real fast... there is no f***ing way on the planet that you will be able to stop before you plow into the back of my car, dumb-ass.

- Hey there, officer... it might be more important to pull over the f***ing genius who just ran that red light rather than the person who just drove 48mph in that 45mph zone. Just a thought, maybe pull over the people who are doing things that actually KILL many many people each year?!

And that is my birthday driving rant. Look, I can say what I want... It's my f***ing birthday!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Divorced. She's back in the states, he's been with me while she looks for a new place to live nearby. I love him more than anything else in my life....except my Mom. And Dad. The Dog is close, but no that's different. And oh man... tuna sushi rolls.