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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Welcome to the "wimpifying" of America.

Some kids may hurt themselves while playing tag!

Some kids may hurt themselves while playing dodgeball!

Some kids may hurt themselves if they play a game!

I would like to express my opinion on this topic....
All schools should pay for padded wheelchairs for each child to sit in during recess. All children should be issued helmets and pads to be worn at all other times. And unless it's in the safety of their own home (preferably in a padded room), children should never be allowed to throw, catch, kick, run, jog, jump, roll, spin, walk up or down stairs, touch each other, move quickly, or express joy through play.... and riding a bicycle is absolutely completely out of the question.

...I would also like to suggest that shaking hands or bowing to someone be outlawed for all adults. Squeezing of the hands could accidentally cause permanent damage and there is always the risk of bumping heads when bowing to someone.

How to keep children safe!Here is how I would suggest children spend all their free time, for their own enjoyment and safety of course --->