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Sunday, December 31, 2006

What's important from 2006?

Some years feel like they just fly by, some feel like they take forever... this one felt about right, I think. What ever a year is supposed to feel like, well, that felt like a year to me.

I'm glad that my boy is becoming a typical teen. Loud music, text messages to girls, lots of camo style pants and hats, bit of attitude, says "shit" here and there, video game expert/addict, likes football, snowboarding, pretends not to be interested in the same bits of information I feed him that my dad used to feed me (all of which I seem to remember now), wants to paint his room black, looks forward to weighing more than our dog soon, etc...

So happy for my little bro, his beautiful wife, and their new baby girl. And for his wife's parent's obvious elation at the new baby, and for my mom getting to stay in Tokyo for 3 months to help be a nanny. Happy for my Dad and his ability to run half marathons, giving me some of his gift of dry wit, and for teaching me so many of the things I know and try to teach my son... realizing that it will be ok if he appreciates those things many years from now.

But one thing I've thought about a lot this year is old friends. Especially my old best friend. His name was Eric Greger. We were pretty much inseparable from about the age of 14 to 22, much more like brothers than friends. We did too much together to even start to list. We grew up together as true best friends. 3 years ago or so, he took his own life. Something I was so thoroughly effected by, I miss him. I miss him so much, loved him so much.... and also was so pissed at him for doing that and leaving behind a wife and young daughter (about my son's age). I have promised myself that I will once day take my son to Southern California to go see his widow and his daughter, especially his daughter... so that I can see Eric's face again, if you know what I mean.

Eric and I imparted parts of our personalities, senses of humor, habits, and so many other things to each other. I like to think that he gave more to me than he could've ever realized.

One of my favorite things he left is a legacy, of sorts. When we were about 16 or 17 we started making new year's resolutions that really meant something. Not things like, lose 10 lbs, or to stop smoking... but things like "to be more honest", "to be more patient". Honestly, I remember a few of the resolutions I made and can say that they actually changed my life more than once. So my habit for more than the last decade, thanks to him, has been to make one of these big life changing resolutions and not tell anyone what the resolution was until the next new year. It works.

So, last year's resolution.... "To get more sleep", and I didn't mean to be lazier and sleep a lot. That was a great one, and I've gone out of my way to not be in the habit of getting just 5 or 6 hours of sleep each night during 2006. Guess what? Feeling rested changes some things. So now I'm ready, ready to make another top secret new year's resolution to myself and thank one the best friends I've ever had or ever will have for my "top secret resolution legacy".
Try it yourself, Eric deserves it and you deserve it.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I know it, two posts in one single day...
that's simply unheard of in "The Once in a While Blog"!
We just came back in from playing in the snow, more videos -

Deck Sledding   Deck Sledding 2   Bailey   Neighbor Dog
Go On With Out Me   Snow Blowing   Buried

Happy Blizzard Day to me!
Today is my birthday, K and I were going to go snowboarding... now we'll be lucky to leave our culdesac. But we're definitely going sledding at a great hill nearby later (I'll let him sleep for a while).
It's still snowing really hard, though that's tough to see in these low-res videos. I took these videos at 8am this morning, it started snowing yesterday morning and will keep snowing until at least noon today. We're about 10 miles South of downtown Denver and the official count in our neighborhood is 26 inches so far, but there are snowdrifts all around that are easily over 6 feet tall.
Welcome to the Blizzard of '06!

Videos:   Backyard   Back Deck   Driveway   Front Porch

Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Uncle Chris!!!
Chicage (Tonchan) Kuroda